A cut above the rest - senscommon value proposition.

Today, many of our beliefs with regards to the future are being shattered and disintegrated.

    At senscommon, we design lifestyles for those of us moving with the times and with full awareness of how the unpredictable is relentlessly challenging our future. 

    In this world-as-now scenario, we are taking a clear stance on the value proposition guiding our common sense approach to design. We want to showcase the positive impact modern and optimised forms of clothing can have in your daily engagement with the world. 

    Our value proposition is built upon the following three concerns: Design with purpose. Design for well-being. Responsible design.

senscommon - A cut above the rest. Image by Kiki Minkova

At senscommon, purpose and design are intertwined.

How many brands offering the same-but-different hoody/jeans/t-shirt does one need? No matter what the answer is, senscommon is not another brand doing so. We want to add value to your wardrobe by approaching things differently rather than being another mirror reflecting back the existing market. 

We believe the expression of designing with purpose is refined and smartly engineered clothing. By addressing specific needs we are in fact creating a new tier of products, representative of today's needs and responsive to the constant flux of changes tomorrow brings. Through state-of-the-art construction, most of our products are new shapes, the so called 'in-between pieces' that don't fit in the obsolete categorisation but do fit in any wardrobe. To put things in perspective, our all-commute overcoat is a thin, all-season, protection layer that when worn on top of other clothes, adds a waterproof functionality to them.

We take gender specific products, obsolete categorisations, seasonal assortment and variety of styles out of the equation so we can focus on smart garment solutions that help you better perform in your day-to-day activities. These smart garments are either an improved solution to an existing one or an innovation in itself. Versatile wardrobe staples, our garments help you comfortably adjust to different scenarios during commute, work and travel.

re-cover pocketed scarf

The senscommon re-cover merino wear is one of a kind precisely because it can be used in more than one way: as a portable blanket, a scarf or a vest. We let you decide in how many of these scenarios our scarf would bring you joy and comfort.

The rationale behind our brand does not stand in demanding total adherence to our product range but in simplifying your choice as a consumer and contributing to your existing favourites.

At senscommon, we weave in wellbeing.

For us, wellbeing is the ultimate value since comfort is something we as humans naturally gravitate towards in almost any circumstance. 

The concept of wellbeing emerged after the Second World War as a reaction to life expectancy increasing in consequence to human rights protection and scientific developments. In general, people live longer but not necessarily better, which has led several disciplines to study the concepts of comfort, wellbeing, and quality of life. Wellbeing is a relatively new concern in design and there are no conclusive studies available just yet. We therefore took the initiative to define our own approach to it, where we tackle the notion of wellbeing by thinking how clothing comfort can encourage your natural behaviour and reward the senses.

Clothing comfort is a state of mind when it is at its lowest stress level, meaning it fulfils its role to protect the body against unsuitable physical environment and maintains the right thermal environment to the body. When these functions are being fulfilled the levels of stress are lowered, encouraging your natural behaviour.

Bodily pleasure and balance derives from the senses of perception: taste, smell, sight, touch and sound. Exploration into the possibility of rewarding the senses began with incorporating tactility to emphasise the surface reality of our products, for example smooth textures that bring a pleasant feel when coming in contact with your skin. In addition, pressure as well as temperature influence how we perceive the environment through skin and could influence the sense of comfort. The recent senscommon project, re-set, explored how blanket-like, finest quality merino wool quilts could potentially induce a state of wellbeing through thermal and sensorial delight leaving us calm and relaxed and comforting us like a hug.

Although our main preoccupation is evoking sensory impressions though material tactility - state of being, expressiveness and emotion are still important in our design process especially since we put aesthetics on the same level of value as form and function. It is common knowledge that feeling good and confident in your clothes can enhance your mood and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

At senscommon we tie down all loose ends when it comes to responsible design.

Nobody wants to buy into wasteful or planet-destroying products, so why make them in the first place? Since day one, we have addressed our shifting environment by offering products solely created in the most responsible and respectful manner for people, animals and the environment.

Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand in our fabric selection process, further building our reputation in cutting-edge use of smart materials. We use fabrics not for their aesthetic value but for their performance attributes. In our process, we constantly rely on new technologies as well as sourcing manufacturers know-how to optimise existing techniques to your needs. Longevity of our products is not an option but a characteristic integrated through the use of smart materials featuring self-purifying qualities, utilitarian durability or displaying a low maintenance profile. 

Did you know that pre-consumer textile waste is estimated to be around 15% of the total waste generated by the garment industry? Which is why when it comes to pattern making we rely on smart construction that permits the best fabric usage, as well as up-cycling cut-offs for making smaller items.

At senscommon, garment recycling is taken into account from the design phase. Since clothes made of fiber blends, fabric mix or having garment applications (print, embroidery) make quality care and recycling extremely difficult to nearly impossible, we try to use only strong enough to stand alone mono-fibers and mono-materials. Recycling can go a long way in sustainability, though we went even further by striving towards 100% usage of biodegradable fibers, like merino wool or Tencel™, to name a few. 

When it comes to finishing details, our products undergo a relentless curation process, focused on minimalism and functionality. The use of well-integrated heat transfer labelling makes sure no damage is brought to fabric and avoids sewn-in labels that are known to affect how a garment falls. The understated presence of our brand does not vainly overload the products for brand visibility. We rather let the self-expressive dimension of our haute couture design sensibility to stand out.

Through our transparent approach in the way we not only re-think ‘how’ but ‘why’ and ‘what’ we put out there, we hope to have provided some useful information that will enable your future responsible choices.