At senscommon, the priority is tactility that enhances daily experiences

With our new series of senscommon journalism we take you deeper into the science behind the materials we work with. We explain the senscommon design approach, its building blocks: we start at the material level and build from there - source by source, fiber by fiber. This time we zoom in on nature's finest fibers. There’s an inherent beauty in the way they drape, flow, touch the skin and, more importantly, care for the body. Day to day comfort that all comes down to technology and science. The overlooked - and easily forgotten - science that is called nature.

All-round activated charcoal

Our long-standing curiosity with shape-shifting materials led us towards charcoal - activated charcoal, that is. While both can be made from the same wood, activated charcoal is processed at very high temperatures changing its structure into more porous. Resulting into an oxidized ash with the natural power to eliminate odour, moisture, bacteria and environmental chemicals.

A much-mused over material with impressive qualities that originates from an Edo period technique of using Binchōtan hardwood charcoal in Japanese cooking, active charcoal works like an adhesive for impurities in gas and liquids, becoming more and more popular for water and air filtering and even trendy, detox food and drinks. At senscommon, we like to wear it. 

Set out to rethink the uses of activated charcoal we collaborated with Uchino Japan – the brilliant minds behind activated charcoal textile, to design on-journey wear. Wrapped in this ultra-soft double weave, you can be sure of extending comfort and feeling-fresh on your journeys long or short.

In our latest project, the re-set, an activated charcoal and mud repair face mask from organic skincare brand Madara is added to our so-called jet lag kit for its purifying power of removing pollution buildup, recharging your skin with energy and glow while boosting it with age-correcting minerals and vitamins.

Soft Merino wool

Merino wool is nature’s finest performance fiber. Beautifully soft and remarkably dry to the touch, merino’s insulating properties help cool you in the heat and insulate you in the cold - qualities no man-made fiber is able to meet. Merino naturally regulates body temperature and is really the premium all-season and all-weather fiber - just think of the sheep never needing to change or wash their outfit! Another smart side effect is the ability to eliminate body odour, simply because smell generating bacteria do not grow on wool.

Senscommon merino is sourced with the highest standards of quality and welfare - we ensure certified wool comes from satisfied sheep. We partnered with the German company Lavalan who guarantee the sheep graze freely and the European wool is mulesing-free.

Senscommon merino feels seductively soft and lightweight, making it the ideal layering material for the re-cover body warmers. Feelings compared to those of a soft, warm blanket and unmatched freedom of movement guaranteed.

Second-skin-feel Tencel™

Our innate appreciation for natural materials and functionality come together in one extraordinary material carrying the brand name Tencel™. In contrast to conventional cotton, this lyocell fiber is produced with pulp from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees or other woods that grow with little water.

An earth-friendly fiber that is added to the senscommon rotation not only as the most sustainable choice but also for its functional properties – to meet our most demanding comforts. Tencel™ fibers absorb moisture and tend to transport it away from the skin, offering cooling and quick-drying effects while giving bacteria and odour no chance to hold. That also means more wear and less washing for your garments.

Senscommon wraps your feet in socks made from this stunning smart fiber, that you can wear multiple days. Pairing all-time comfort with attention-grabbing looks, hereby our cushioned or classic-fit Tencel™ socks. 

At senscommon each product is carefully considered, from fiber performance to the tactility of materials, evoking a sense of ease and purpose. We design for those who never stop which is a lifestyle with its conditions. Life is fast. Weather and indoor-outdoor temperature fluctuations happen all the time. Doing laundry is not always part of the program.

We need versatile, reliable “gear” for whatever the world throws at us and this is where these smart natural fibers really shine. They care for our body. Regulating moisture, odour and temperature, the products senscommon makes of natural fibers travel with you well, on your back or in the suitcase and miles away. Which also means that washing these on a daily basis isn’t necessary; air-dried overnight, they will seem brand new. Let smart fibers in your wardrobe and you will never look back.