The world does not need more design, it needs better!

senscommon was founded in 2017 by Laura Šilinska in a natural reaction to her career path evolving from fashion and textile design studies in Paris and work in the haute-couture sector at brands like Alexis Mabille and Viktor&Rolf.

Distanced from the red carpet glitz, she felt the responsibility and the need to focalise on the purpose as well as the sustainability of clothing and textiles created in this world, that certainly does not need more design. It needs better. senscommon is about combining the want and the need in minimalist, utilitarian products that fit modern lifestyles and designing superior quality products we want to wear every day, forever. 

About senscommon

Utility can be defined in various ways, usually in terms of well-being of sentient entities, such as human beings. Industrial design fills our daily life with durability, comfort and utility but why don’t the clothes we wear?

senscommon is born out of my passion for workwear and utilitarian apparel. While having an haute couture background, it seamed like both of these worlds never meet.  Why? There are so many of us with discerning taste, curious about technology and minimal design. There are so many of us who seek solutions for higher living standards and quality in what we do for living, for pleasure and what we consume.

The haute couture principles for inventing new ways of making and uncompromising on detail is what I want to bring into the everyday apparel, for all. Like the brand name inverts two functional words, the senscommon design methods invert what’s expected to become unexpected.

Mixing high fashion, minimalism and practicality is in my opinion the future of contemporary fashion product design. We can see similar approach boosting great design from brands like Hyke, Christophe Lemaire becoming the art director of Uniqlo or Yohji Yamamoto leading Y-3 at Adidas or Mathew Williamson from Alyx. All mentioned are of great inspiration for me. Making the common uncommon through technology, elaborate construction and a sense of utility is what makes a difference and authenticity in modern uniform dressing for me.


senscommon aims to seek out the best suitable collaboration partner for every product and project. Let it be a graphic designer for a campaign or manufacturer specilising in a very particular technique, staying independent and choose who to work with is a luxury yet also a simple reality of modern world. Combining forces is exciting, nourishing and just the most progressive way of working. senscommon designs require sourcing innovative partners who may have even patented their technologies and ideas. I want to celebrate the expertise and knowledge of these specilists instead of trying to reinvent it.


As much as user technology or lifestyle products often borrow concepts from the military or medicine fields, senscommon believes that fashion products should too. We should expect our clothes to support/accomodate our hectic and demanding urban lives. And that is in collaborating with advanced textile producers and professional apparel manufacturers that I, as a fashion designer, can unify my vision on designer utiliy wear and the available tehcnological progress that is out there. My intentions can sometimes be of surprise or even challenge to the partners yet I find curageous and curious people everywhere. 


Those who grasp the meaning of development and share my desire for quality and life improvement, using technology and design thinking, senscommon awards them a seal of progress. Collaboration is innovation. We believe innovation progresses through collaboration. We connect ideas to possibility seekers and we reward possibility achievers. 


Who is senscommon for? We call our audience : the all go-getting-hard-working-never-ending-optimistic types. senscommon is for active people, who live 24/7, probably freelancers, self employed professionals. It is a discerning audience curious about technology, design, culture and health as they seek solutions for higher living standards. Fashion-savvy early adopters of innovation, well educated, living in the design and culture capitals of the world. Their professions require engaging in opinion leading activities and frequent motion/travel.